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New! GMM 088
Tube from under cheese. BONA 1943. ...

price: 3 U.S.D.

New! GMM 091
Jars from tablets for water disinfecting. ...

price: 6 U.S.D.

New! GMM 092
Jar from the German positions. ...

price: 4 U.S.D.

New! GMM 093
Label. VINETA. ...

price: 8 U.S.D.

New! GMM 094
Cover from jar from under cheese. BONA 1939. Good condition. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! GMM 097
Spoon with a fork. Steel. Condition on a photo. ...

price: 5 U.S.D.

New! GMM 099
German flask. The remains of the cover. See a photo. ...

price: 15 U.S.D.

New! GMT 004
Remains of the license plate. WH. Aluminum. Condition on a photo. ...

price: 20 U.S.D.

New! GMB 010
WH buckle. Condition on a photo. ...

price: 25 U.S.D.

New! GTA 006
Trench art. An ashtray from the German bunker. ...

price: 20 U.S.D.

New! GMG 041
German bottle. 0,7 l. ...

price: 10 U.S.D.

New! STA 007
Trench art. Aluminum cigarette case. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

New! STA 008
Trench art. Aluminum cigarette case. Without cover. Drawing. ...

price: 12 U.S.D.

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